Product Info

  • What is the PH of Rejuvance;

Rejuvance series respects the PH of a healthy skin (5.50 ) and the PH of the product is 5.3 to 5.8 .
The exception is the product for exfoliation AHA, which must have acidic PH around 3.8 to have the required effect. However, this product works in a short time and rarely accompanied by other products of the treatment the final equilibrated PH of the skin.

  • The first skincare line for commercial use , without preservatives . How can I be sure that the products do not favor the growth of microorganisms ?

It is true that the system maintenance is necessary to prevent microbial growth .
The law requires any cosmetic product be subjected to microbiological examination (challenge test). A cosmetic product which has passed the challenge test can not under normal use be contaminated by microorganisms.
The Rejuvance contains no preservatives . Nevertheless , all the products have passed the challenge test. This is because the special formula is able to prevent the growth of microorganisms in a natural way , without the need to add preservatives. This does not mean that no more attention than conventional cosmetics .
So it is very important to be maintained as follows 
- In a dry and cool place
- Keep away from sunlight
- The lid must be closed tightly after each use
- Avoid contact with hands katetheian packing.
- We recommend using a spatula .

  • Perfumes without allergens ?

The perfumes contain ingredients that borouna create allergies . Was consistent with the European legislation , there are 26 allergenic substances in perfumes and above a certain threshold must be listed on the label.
The fragrances used in REJUVANCE is free and from 26 allergenic substances .

  • Why is only the Rejuvance;

The uniqueness and effectiveness of the range due to the innovative combination of telomere protection and active plant stem cells from Edelweiss at high rates (according to their clinical studies ) into the product to ensure their effectiveness .

  • What is the main active ingredient of Rejuvance;

A new anti-aging strategy , which protects mitochondria and telomeres .

  • What are mitochondria ?

The power plants of our cells , which consumes oxygen to produce energy (ATP) for the necessary functions of our body . Is the lungs of the cell to which with the passage of time , the oxygen consumption is reduced and the production of harmful free radicals and H2O2 increased ( oxidative stress).
This results in skin aging reducing elasticity and wrinkles.
The Juvinity helps cell respiration and producing more ATP improves breathing even after oxidative stress.

  • What are telomeres ?

Small DNA sequences located in the ” tail ” of each chromosome. As telomere length is large , the tissues are renewed and ravages of time are fixed . In each cell division but with the intervention of the enzyme telomerase , telomeres lose a piece , with the result that the cell can not be renewed to age prematurely and eventually die.
The Juvinity is a new molecule that protects telomeres so as to ensure the longevity of the cells to be addressed mikroalloioseis associated with aging - such as wrinkles .
It is no coincidence that this year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine (2009 ) was awarded to a group of biologists in their study on the telomeres and telomerase .

Scientific studies show a correlation between oxidative stress and reduced telomere length . The higher oxidative stress greater destruction of telomeres .
Senescence ( senescence ): the absolute and irreversible loss of reproductive capacity of the cell. A very advanced stage of cell aging .
The Juvinity, delaying senescence of cells. Reduces Oxidative Stress and delays the shortening of telomeres , so to ensure a very good cell metabolism . So a senescent cells to replicate as a ” new ” cell.