FBM Anagenessis Personal Clinic thinks the planet and the person, creating products that bring balance to the face, body , soul and the environment .

FBM Anagenessis Personal Clinic in constant search for the best, leading chemical used in conjunction with Paint aesthetic in order to create a range of cosmetics without preservatives and with better outcomes for youth and health of the face and body .

FBM Anagenessis Personal Clinic prodycts does not contain ingredients which accused the adverse effects on the environment and humans .

Consistent with the ” green ” philosophy , minimize the quantity of paper we use. So , do not use paper packs ( usually discarded from the first time ) for our products , while using materials multipurpose .
All forms of advertising Anagenessis Personal Clinic is recyclable plastic , recycled paper and paper from controlled organic crops do not cause any toxicity in the environment .

Our products do not contain preservatives (ie no parabens). Also not contain propylene glycol which has been blamed for possible irritation nor paraffin , which is petroleum derivative and does not allow the skin to breathe .
Our products are readily absorbed , fast acting skin and soon offer shine and health.