OTZ-10 (PRO-TAURINE), component dual action: strong antioxidant protection and prevention responsible for photoaging agents. The UVA radiation affects the skin and skin degrading the structural components , and slowing down the metabolism of the cell . The UVB radiation directly affects only the skin causing the known effects of exposure to sunlight as redness and irritation , while long degrade proteins that make up our skin. The TZ – 10  has the ability to prevent the damage caused to mitochondria and DNA exposure to UV (UVA + UVB) radiation . Scavenge free radicals , maintain normal metabolic rate of cells and enhances the durability of the protective layer of the skin . H Protective effect of a product enriched with ELVs -10

identified to strengthen 

  • +150% of cell proliferation
  • +50% to strength dermoepidermikis layer

and reduction 

  • -80% irritation and inflammation when exposed to the sun
  •  -75% in the activity of MMP -I ( melanoproteinases ) responsible for the degradation of collagen of skin.

Lycosol from tomato extract, rich in valuable health skin lycopene. Lycopene is a carotenoid with exceptional antioxidant properties, but specifically binds free radicals arising from our exposure to UV radiation and prevents photoaging skin.

Studies in volunteers have shown that use of a natural active Lycosol cream maintains the levels of moisture to +35 % after exposure to UV radiation and improves the texture and elasticity .