Sepilift DPHP

Sepilift DPHP, lipoaminoacid specialized in the synthesis of collagen and powerful weapon in the battle against aging based on the action of a lipoaminoxeos . The lipoaminoacid acts as a peptide ( known in modern cosmetology for effective and proven action) , the low molecular weight but facilitates the transfer and exploitation of the epidermis .

The anti -aging and moisturizing properties identified with 3 actions:

1. Up to 14 % contraction of collagen fibers leading to constriction of the three-dimensional mesh of the skin and boost elasticity
2. Strengthening the structure and defense of dermo - epidermal and extracellular , protective layer of the skin , thus reducing transdermal moisture loss
3 . Capture of free radicals and active youth cells.
Tests on volunteers showed that SEPILIFT DPHP visibly reduces the length and depth of wrinkles and fine lines up to -32 % within 28 days. In one month use product SEPILIFT DPHP skin looks more 
elastic , perfectly hydrated and visible improvement in the appearance of wrinkles .