Day cream Rejuvenate SPF 15


An excellent day cream with stem cells from edelweiss and antiageing with a soft feel, which offers full skin motorization on multiple levels and deep nutrition of the face at the same time.
Soothens the skin colouring.
In addition the sun protecting factor sfp 15 offers an all day protection of the UBV and UVA who are responsible of the photoageing process of the skin.
A unique cocktail for protection nourishment vitality brightness and antiageing.

Increase of collagon Decorin and hyaluronic the most constructively important elements of the skin molaqule.
Reduction of wrinkles up to 15% within 15 days.

Usage: Apply a small quantity allover the face and neck (use REJUVENATE SERUM underneath for better results).
Apply evenly on the whole face until fully absorbed.

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