Lifting musk Rejuvenate


This is an innovative exceptional musk Contains active ingredience that according to clinical tests achieves an impressive reduction of wrinkles from the first 15 minutes Immediate and long lasting results.
The vitamin E as part of the ingredience is specially protected within granules and is being released absolutely fresh on the skin, reinforcing the anti acid action. Is the key to skin puberty and freshness.
Postpones considerably the ageing of the cells, reduces the acid stress and also Postpones the reduction of the telomere length and therefore achieves a very good cell metabolism.

Reduction of acid ageing of cells to 4-5 years within 2 months.

Usage: Apply a good quantity allover the face and let it act for 10-15”( put larger quantity n the wrinkles).
Do not remove anything. Do massage with the excess quantity using upward movements and leave it the whole night to feed skin. (For perfect result put under musk the REJUVENATE SERUM and the NIGHT CREAM).

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